Wonderland Challenge 2

Back in 2020, voice actor Brad Shaw was diagnoised with stage 3 melanoma.

Despite the extraordinary stress and fear he must surely have been living with, and while undergoing ongoing immunotherapy, he came up with The Wonderland Challenge.

The idea? 159 voiceover artists and actors record a minute each of Alice in Wonderland. They – and listeners – would make a donation to raise funds for the NHS.

Three years on (after being treated for prostate cancer AND the return of the melanoma) Brad started the Wonderland Challenge 2.

174 actors and voice actors reading Lewis Carroll’s sequel, Through the Looking Glass.

Banner for 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' by Lewis Carroll, with QR codes leading to the donation page and podcast link - and the statement "I'm proud to be one of 174 voice actor reading this delightful classic audiobook to raise money for Cancer Research UK"

It launched on all podcast platforms on 4th December 2023. Find it on your favourite platform with the RSS feed: https://feed.podbean.com/actoruk/feed.xml

A new chapter goes live every other day.

And I’m pleased to say Brad asked me to contribute to Wonderland Challenge 2. I made my donation to the cause (you can – and should – donate too). I made my recording and sent it across.

I made a silly video, too, which you can watch below.

Find out more about Wonderland Challenge 2

For some more backstory on this superb initiative and the total raised for Cancer Research UK so far (as well as finding out more about Brad’s voiceover training community, Wonderland VO) hit the button below.

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