Voiceover scriptwriting and editing

Before and alongside my voiceover work, I was a freelance copywriter and editor for more than a decade and a half. I’ve helped companies of all sorts and every size – from solopreneurs to multinationals – to get their words spot on.

My experience includes everything from thought leadership articles to multichannel marketing campaigns and, of course, scriptwriting for videos. I have even written and edited speeches. I’ve also worked with numerous companies across the world to improve the natural English, and cadence, rhythm and persuasive power of their translations.

Which means that if you need help writing or editing your voiceover script, you’re in safe hands.

For light editing and suggested improvements to flow and tone, you won’t even need to allow much extra time or cash; for longer rewrites or input from the outset, get in touch with your script or concept as soon as you can. 

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