A good story takes you on a journey...

And a good story requires a good script.

Every film-maker knows the importance of a good story. Narrative matters. As does narration. The voiceover for this film received 2 voiceover award nominations.

I was asked to voice this video in April 2020. Britain had only recently gone into lockdown and flights to and from virtually everywhere were cancelled. My voiceover for this really rather beautiful film from Ink was shortlisted for two national UK voiceover awards: best male voice performance at the VOX awards and best male voiceover artist in a TV/internet commercial at the One Voice awards. I’m pleased that Ink trusted me to self-direct my voiceover, which is something that happens more often than not. And while that performance may have received award nominations, if the script hadn’t been so evocative, the best voice artist in the world might have struggled to have it hit all the right notes.

This was among the first films being produced in the early days of Covid-19 shutdowns. Before the phrase ‘now, more than ever’ lost its impact. I don’t think this film has lost any impact, though. A trickling, emotive score, heartwarming scenes, astonishing scenery and that near-universal draw of the wonder of international travel, and a script that highlights the truth that every film-maker knows: there’s nothing like a good story.

Perhaps I can help you tell your next story.

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Anthony Hewson

Multi-award-nominated British male voiceover artist and voice actor