Inconsequential - a poem

One take, one recording, no editing but to trim the act of starting and stopping the video.

Sometimes a voiceover script is naturally rhythmic in nature, melodic in flow, poetic in picturing the scene it sets. Sometimes, it’s my job as a voice artist to lift the most corporate, mechanical words from the page and give them a certain gracefulness.

It’s not very often at all that I am asked to read an actual poem.

When a couple of phrases popped into my head while musing the way people behave towards each other, I opened Google Keep and turned my train of thought into a poem. As an exercise, I recorded it in my booth as soon as I’d finished writing it. Here it is. I hope the words are useful.

If you have a script you want bringing to life – whether for an ad, an explainer video, a character for a drama or a videogame or an animation, your company voicemail or, yes, even a poem – get in touch to book me today.

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Anthony Hewson

Multi-award-nominated British male voiceover artist and voice actor